Snedker Studio

Pernille Snedker
Surface Designer

Pernille Snedker is a designer who breathes new life into the ancient art of marbling. She applies this traditional craft to interior surfaces, floors, furniture, and artworks. Pushing boundaries, she explores new contexts and innovative applications for marbling traditionally used in bookbinding.

With a deep connection to water, Pernille’s meditative approach captures the ever-changing moment, freezing it in captivating patterns. Through experimentation and a keen focus on nature’s phenomena, she magnifies its beauty.

Organic patterns on water are transferred to wood, creating her signature colorful patterns, which create a dynamic dialogue with woods natural ornamentation.

The interior surfaces and furniture she creates comes alive with ever-changing lines and colors, pulsating with energy.

In collaboration with natural phenomenon and inspired by traditional craft techniques, I transform interiors into immersive artworks.

Pernille Snedker


Pinus Sidetable

W50 x D50 x H50 cm
Co-lab with Hans Bærholm
Co-lab with Hans Bærholm