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The next generation

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The next generation

Dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetics, House of Nordic Design represents the next generation of Scandinavian designers via an international platform that stands for high quality design.

House of Nordic Design is a commercial platform and community of comtemporary Scandinavian Design.

“We are excited to be part of 3 Days of Design and get the opportunity to show the exceptional talent of these up-and-coming designers,” says founder of House of Nordic Design Natalia  Sánchez. “We believe that Danish interior design has a unique expression and a quality which should be celebrated and shared with the world.”

In my  25+ years experience in the commercial design world, it has become clear that the imbalance for designers in their input and outtake is not sustainable if we wish to keep seeing exceptional design from future generations. I would like to change the imbalance and give back to the designers.

We provide a direct link between designers and their work and clients worldwide. Our aim is to promote and support emerging designers by offering our knowledge and insight into the global design market by advising as well as communication and sales.

As part of House of Nordic Design, we have established NoDe, an exhibition and international platform showcasing the best of Scandinavian design, beginning with 3DaysofDesign in Copenhagen, 12–14 June, 2024.